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Another year, another Christmas tradition. For the past four years, I have been gathering with a group of my foodie friends on Christmas Day for our annual Jewmas Chinese food outing. "Jewmas" is a unique way to wish someone a happy holiday during the period of Christmas and Hanukkah without excluding a Christian or Jewish person. Our Jewmas Dim Sum lunch at China Red in Arcadia is the Please the Palate pick of the week. Eating at Chinese restaurants at Christmas has been a tradition for Jews for decades. But, now going out for Chinese food on Christmas has become an American tradition. The New York Times just wrote an opinion piece entitled "Nothing Is More American Than Chinese Food on Christmas" with the sub-heading, "Jewish families and others used to flock to Chinese restaurants because that was all that was open, but now it’s almost as traditional as milk and cookies for Santa." The Daily News wrote a piece about how it is the busiest day of the year for many Chinese restaurants who find it a challenge to staff for the day.