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As someone who travels a lot, I have had to eat a few meals at airports before catching a flight. Sometimes I have stayed at a hotel near the airport in order to catch an early morning flight.  All of these scenarios have caused a level of dread since to date, airport hotels are usually not the most desirable place to want to eat or sleep. But, in recent years, airport hotels and their food offerings have started to trend upscale. One of these airports is my home-base, LAX. Just outside the entrance to LAX is the recently renovated Hyatt Regency LAX. Walking in, you will never believe you are at the airport. The hotel is mid-century modern and is striking in its clean, open spaces. Inside the Hyatt Regency LAX is the hotel restaurant called Unity LA. There are three distinct dining concepts at Unity LA - there is a self-service market, a bar and a full-service restaurant. Unity LA will change your idea about dining at an airport hotel restaurant. Upon walking into the Hyatt Regency LAX, you will first see Unity Bar LA, which offers a lively environment to enjoy food and drink in a community setting.
FIG Restaurant has been serving up California Cuisine inside the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica for years. But some changes have taken place and now there is the NEW FIG Restaurant. Fig at Fairmont The space is still the same and the covered patio is flush with natural light. The decor now has a warmer feel to it with hanging plants adding life to the space. And there is a wood burning oven that has been added that you can see when you first walk into the restaurant. Fig at Fairmont Fig at Fairmont At the helm of the new FIG Restaurant is the personable Chef Yousef Ghalaini. A native of Lebanon, Chef Ghalaini grew up in his grandfather's bakery where he first learned the art of the wood-burning oven. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley and worked in Napa, Florida, Connecticut and New York before coming to FIG Restaurant at The Fairmont Miramar. At FIG Restaurant, Chef Ghalaini works with local farmers and fresh California ingredients to create his Mediterranean inspired menu that integrates the warm spices and legumes of Lebanese cuisine.