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Monday is one of my favorite nights go out since it's usually a quiet night on the town. When a friend asked to meet for a drink, I decided that it was finally time to get myself over to Melrose Umbrella Company as they just celebrated their one year anniversary and I had yet to go there. Melrose Umbrella Company Apparently, I am not the only one who likes to go out on a Monday night as there was a good sized crowd there. All the seats were filled and there was a chill energy in the room. To top if off, owner and barman Zach Patterson was behind the bar, making it an even better night. Monday sure is a fun night at Melrose Umbrella Company!
Set in Downtown LA, the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival (August 22-25, 2013) is a four-day epicurean event showcasing the finest in food and drink culture throughout Los Angeles and culinary personalities from throughout the country.  As we get ready for the third annual event, a preview event was held at Duff’s Cakemix on Melrose Avenue where press and bloggers were invited, along with chefs, to decorate cakes and mingle with some of the participating chefs. As a preview for LA Food and Wine, this event was a great reason to finally go inside Duff’s Cakemix Bakery and DIY cake shop, which I have been wanting to check out. Duff's Cakemix We arrived and were greeted with wine and grilled cheese sandwiches by Chef Eric Greenspan (Owner of The Foundry on Melrose and The Roof on Wilshire), who will soon be opening his much-anticipated Greenspan's Grilled Cheese. Lucky us, we enjoyed Greenspan’s 2008 Grilled Cheese Invitational Gold winning “The Champ” – grilled taleggio cheese and short rib sandwich served on raisin-walnut bread with an apricot caper puree. Yum! Yum!