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Girasol, meaning "sunflower" in Spanish, opened in Studio City one year ago. Chef/owner CJ Jacobson has blended his influences, which include Axe, Wolfgang Puck Catering, Campanile and The Yard, as well as time on Top Chef, and most impressively, his time at Noma in Copenhagen, the world’s best restaurant. I enjoyed the food the first time I went and 6 months later, felt the same. The food is fresh and seasonal, with ingredients foraged and sourced from local farmers. And the presentation of the food is so bright, cheerful and inviting.
Chef CJ Jacobson has worked in the kitchens at Axe, Campanile, Mercantile and restaurant Noma in Copenhagen but is best known for his appearances on Top Chef Season 3 and Top Chef All Stars....until now! This past summer, Chef Jacobson has been putting his professional melting pot of experiences in his own restaurant in Studio City, Girasol. Girasol, meaning sunflower in Spanish, is the inspiration behind the design of the restaurant's aesthetics (which, from the tables to the ceiling, looks like a giant sunflower) and is consistent with the influence of environmentally sustainable dishes.   The chef's mission was to create something organic that allowed the restaurant and farmer to come together in showcasing the freshness of seasons and local ingredients. In fact, Chef Jacobson has a forager, Pascal Baudar, on his team who regularly combs through nearby Angeles National Forest for seasonal ingredients. The result is a colorful menu full of flavor.