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Who does not like french fries? What's not to love about the perfect salty snack that can be enjoyed anytime!? There are steak fries, shoestring fries, curly fries, crinkle fries and so many other shapes and sizes. Fries can be salted or spiced. They can be served as a side dish or poutin. Fries can be dipped in ketchup, bbq sauce, ranch dressing, truffle aioli, vineagar and more. I thought I had seen it all until I enjoyed a french fry smorgasbord that was pure french fry madness. And where was this? At Fry Madness in downtown Los Angeles. It is fair to assume that Fry Madness is a fast casual restaurant where you might order at the counter and take a seat. But, Fry Madness, a small restaurant with approximately 20 seats, is a full-service restaurant. Take a seat and the server will give a menu and then take your orders. The only catch is that every single thing on the menu is french fries!