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Doing my annual house-sitting duties for my parents, my childhood home in Studio City becomes my home-base for a few weeks. As I was sitting at my computer, I saw a friend post about a new gelato place in Studio City. How could I not know about this place just down the street? How did my ice-cream-aholic mother not know? Well, that is because it opened the week my parents left on their trip. So, with the excess heat, I ventured out not once, but twice (ok three times) in just as many days to enjoy a gelato from Fatamorgana and hence Fatamorgana is the Please The Palate pick of the week. Fatamorgana Gelato is authenic gelato. It was founded in Italy in 2003 by Mari Agnese Spagnuolo and there are eight locations in Rome. And now Studio City, California is the ninth location.