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The newest restaurant addition to Beverly Hills is Viviane Restaurant, located in the Avalon Hotel on Olympic Boulevard at Beverly Drive. Viviane The Avalon Hotel looks like a stylishly converted motel with all of the rooms overlooking the pool in the center. The decor of the hotel is mid-century with subtle colors and furniture with a 1950s and 1960s aesthetic. The bright blue from the pool is what glows throughout the space, whether you sit inside or outside. But, I suggest getting a seat outside by the pool. Whether at a table, or in a colorful cabana, it is peaceful, not too loud and, as it is Los Angeles, perfect to take advantage of being able to eat outside year round. Viviane Viviane Restaurant is by restaurateur Stephane Bombet of Bombet Hospitality Group and Executive Chef Michael Hung, formerly of Faith and Flower in downtown LA. No more fighting the traffic to get to downtown LA to taste the food of Chef Hung!
Growing up in Los Angeles, Dar Maghreb was LA's premier Moroccan restaurant. I remember my parents going there on special occasions. I even remember going with them once when I was a tween and being mesmerized by the decor, the belly dancers, sitting on pillows and eating with my hands. But after 40 years, the restaurant closed and a new restaurant opened in its place last year - Acabar. Acabar Over the past year, I have seen Acabar at various events around Los Angeles, including LA Food and Wine and LA Times Taste. At these events, Chef de Cuisine Kevin Luzande was behind the table serving up the amazingly delicious crispy lamb buns. Every time I tried one of these, I told myself that I needed to go to Acabar.