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This post originally appeared in Wine Tourist Magazine A weekend in Santa Barbara wine country is great getaway. However, if you are spending time in the city of Santa Barbara, hiking,...

Wine tasting rooms are popping up in downtown Santa Barbara right and left. No longer do you have to drive an hour north into wine country to taste the wines of the region. There are tasting rooms in the Funk Zone, on State Street, the new Presidio neighborhood and even on the pier. So head to the Funk Zone to one of my favorite places.....Les Marchands Wine Bar & Retail. Les Marchands Wine Bar & Merchant Les Marchards is a wine bar and a wine shop. You can taste/buy wines from local producers but you can also find wines from France and Italy and other international destinations. It's a wine lovers dream. After a day of wine tasting, shopping or hanging at the beach, Les Marchands is the perfect spot for a pre-dinner or post-dinner glass of wine.