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Santa Monica just got hipper with the new cocktail lounge/club Canary. What used to be the dark night spot Zanzibar, followed by the nightclub West End, Canary is the opposite. Neon lights invite you in to a large space with lush tropical space with emerald green and gold interior, live plants and a loungy feel. Add some light, fruity, easy drinking cocktails created by Devon Espinosa and Canary is the Please The Palate pick of the week. The cocktail menu at Canary offers 11 cocktails, all on the fruitier, less boozy side.
Karaoke and cocktails - sounded like a fun thing to do with friends. So a group of us headed to Koreatown to check out the newest karaoke bar in town, The Venue. We wandered around the large office building on Wilshire Blvd at Normandy, looking for The Venue. As we passed the notorious karaoke bar, the Brass Monkey, we wondered if perhaps it had changed names. But we finally found the nondescript entrance heading into the basement of an office building. We walked down a stairwell and entered The Venue. While the outside looks like a typical office building, the space is impressive. Past the check-in station, there is a large low-lit dining room with plush leather seating and a full bar. The Venue is not your typical karaoke bar. It is sophisticated, contemporary and offers a full menu of food and drink.
How many times do you go to a restaurant so hungry that you can't wait to order and then fill up on the bread basket while waiting for that first dish to come? Well, Church Key on Sunset Blvd. remedies that. While looking at the menu, carts roam around the room with small plates that you can select and enjoy immediately.