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This post originally appeared in Wine Tourist Magazine Known as the “Mile High City,” Denver is hub to some of the best skiing in the country. It’s not uncommon to fly...

Perhaps you know Zengo Restaurant because of award-winning Chef Richard Sandoval. And perhaps you have visiting one of the locations around the country, in Santa Monica, New York, Washington DC and Denver, to taste the Latin-Asian menu.  But, did you know that in addition to the regular Latin-Asian menu, Zengo, which means "give and take" in Japanese, also offers items from their test kitchen. Every few months the chefs of Zengo come together in researching and developing seasonal menus that feature dishes from one Latin and one Asian country. The items are integrated onto the main menu, but you can locate them by spotting the "TK" next to the specialty items. Now thru December, the Zengo is offering Peruvian and Malaysian dishes as part of the "Test Kitchen" menu. The dishes includes cocktails, appetizers, entrees and even a dessert.