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Any time is the perfect time for a glass of Merlot, a sensuous, velvety wine hailing from the Bordeaux region of France. Merlot is grown throughout the world and Christine,...

If you don't have time to take a trip to the state of Washington, you don't have to go far to get a taste of Washington. Head to your nearest Omni Hotels & Resorts throughout the month of May and partake in their "Taste Washington" program that spotlights the wines of the region.....that's what we did when we went to Noe at the Omni in downtown LA. “Taste Washington” is part of Omni Hotels & Resorts popular culinary series “Flavors of the World”. The wines and foods of Italy, Argentina, Spain and France have been featured in the past. This year they are focusing on domestic wines. And with Washington State producing high quality wines at great value, as well being the No. 2 premium wine grape grower in the U.S., it is the perfect fit.