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When you cannot stop thinking about a restaurant after you ate there, I would take that as a good sign. That happened after I drove to Silverlake to try Knuckle and Claw. After filling up to the point that I could eat no more, I went home only to obsessively think about the lobster and crab rolls for the next few days, wishing for more. Like the seafood, I have been hooked. Knuckle & Claw Knuckle and Claw is a charming little hole in the wall on Sunset Boulevard on the edge of Silver Lake and Echo Park that will transport you to Martha's Vineyard. Founded by Nikki Booth and Chloe Dahl, who is originally from Martha's Vineyard, they started with a booth (Chloe's Lobster Booth) at various farmers markets. With their stand-alone restaurant, they are packed nightly, with people dining at the counter that only has six seats, eating at one of the tables on the back patio or picking up take-out.