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Auburn LA is one of the newest additions to the Los Angeles restaurant scene, and it is set to be one of the best. Located on Melrose Avenue, across the street from Mozza and Chi Spacca, Auburn LA has made its home in the space that was once home to Meson G, Citrus and Hatfield's. Completely revamped, the space looks nothing like its predecessors. Auburn LA is a clean open space with lots of sunlight streaming in from the skylights. The decor is simple with neutral-toned walls, white oak, light-colored furniture and indoor greenery. Auburn LA is a 105-seat restaurant, broken into several different spaces. Upon entering the restaurant, there is a bar and seating area. The open kitchen is where you can see Chef Eric Bost and his team diligently at work. There are a few tables that share the room with the kitchen. Just beyond the kitchen, separated by glass windows, is the semi-enclosed patio. This is the main dining area and yet the tables are so well-spaced that you really feel like you can enjoy dinner with your companions and not be distracted or interrupted by other diners.