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This story originally appeared in the Napa Valley Register. The holidays are approaching which means it is the perfect time for bubbles. OK, let me be clear. Every day and any day is a good day for bubbles but with the pending holidays, ‘tis the busiest season for purchasing Champagne. From gift giving to holiday parties, there is no shortage of reasons to drink bubbles. So, what are you going to drink this year? champagne-1
There are wonderful sparkling wines from around the world but Champagne is the king. And with the increasing popularity of Grower Champagne in the market, there are so many brands and styles to choose from. Want to please your palates or impress your friends with your selections? Hopefully I can help you find some new wines to try this year!
Champagne is a wine region that for last half of 20th century has been consistent is self-identity, messaging and marketing. But according to Peter Liem, Champagne expert and author of ChampagneGuide.net, an award-winning and highly acclaimed online guide to the wines and wine producers of Champagne, today Champagne is in flux. Wines are more diverse than ever before. Medium-standard quality is higher than formerly. The land itself, the idea of vineyards and place, is being explored more today than previously.
“Like all great wines of the world,” Liem explained, “Champagne is about terroir.” The wines are from a specific place and express their origins.