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19Weekend Brunch is the perfect leisurely meal where you do not have have to rush off to work or to an appointment. And that is how we enjoyed our brunch at Sangers and Joe. Sangers & Joe "Sanger" is Australian lingo for sandwiches and "Joe" is a cup of coffee. Located in Old Town Pasadena, Sangers and Joe is a modern, market-style cafe open for breakfast and lunch daily and brunch on the weekends. Sangers & Joe
Remember Sunday School? No matter your religion, you may have spent your childhood mornings in a classroom. Now the classroom is the dining room at Public School, a chef-driven gastropub with a focus on “An Education in the Art of Food & Beer.” Time to head back to the classroom and spend your Sundays at Public School 818 for brunch, which scores high marks. Sunday Brunch Grades: Location: A Centrally located on the corner of Ventura Blvd and Sepulveda Blvd, Public School 818 is easily accessible from either end of the San Fernando Valley or a quick drive up the 405 from the city. With no traffic on Sundays, this is an easy A. Public School 818 Decor: A+
We all look forward to weekend brunch. It's that filling meal that can take up half the day as we sip on Mimosas or Bloody Marys and hang out with friends. But, my problem with brunch is that I can never decide what I want to eat. I am a fan of sharing lots of dishes so that I can enjoy a lot of flavors in a meal. And, at brunch where I have to pick between savory and sweet can be a challenge. But now I think I found my perfect brunch at Smoke.Oil.Salt. Smoke.Oil.Salt. is known for serving authentic and traditional Spanish foods, meant to be shared, for dinner. And, now, under the guidance of Consulting Executive Chef Ricardo Zarate, they are offering brunch on Sundays from 11am-3pm. Tapas for brunch! With 12 selections on the menu, tapas style is perfect! As a party of two, we ordered 10 of the selections and had no problem eating every course! Overall, you cannot go wrong with any of the egg dishes. No matter how the eggs are prepared, they are perfect - light, fluffy and perfectly cooked. Our favorite dishes were: Pan Tomate con Huevo de Mar (soft scrambled uni eggs, tomato toast, chili oil) - The scrambled eggs are fluffy and soft and almost melt in the mouth. The uni is not dominant but the saltiness comes through. Pan Tomate con Huevo de Mar