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A friend was in town last weekend and we wanted to enjoy a late brunch before she had to head to the airport. I had read that cocktail chef Matthew Biancaniello was doing his weekend pop-up at Ysabel in West Hollywood that day so we headed to Ysabel on Fairfax. Sadly, when we got there, we learned he had switched days, but luckily we had happened upon this hidden spot. Ysabel is located on Fairfax Blvd. The nondescript building has no sign (at least not one I could find). But my GPS said I was there so I pulled into the driveway and parked in the lot. I entered a long tunneled walk-way and on the other side was a truly beautiful midcentury-modern space. The large space is like a butterfly. There is an outdoor patio that leads to an indoor area in the center. Even the indoor area feels like it is outdoors with the large glass window doors open wide and a live tree in the center of the space. The space feels like a luxurious living room with sofas and chairs grouped together.
Sunday brunch is one of the meals many of us look forward to each week. What is better than sleeping in and then getting up late to meet friends for a long leisurely brunch filled with cocktails, good food and conversation? All this makes for a perfect Sunday and a great place to do it is Panxa Cocina in Long Beach. Located in Belmont Heights, Panxa Cocina sits on an isolated block of Broadway, a few blocks away from numerous restaurants and shops. But, despite the quiet location, inside Panxa Cocina is a packed house with a warm yet relaxing vibe on a Sunday morning. Showcasing modern Latin and New Mexican cuisine, the interior has a hip, southwestern vibe to it. A beautiful painted Indian Chief's profile covers one wall, wooden baskets embrace the light fixtures and handmade adobe plates adorn the tables.
Good Measure has been on my list of restaurants to try since it opened this past summer. But between my travel schedule and availability to get across the city to Atwater Village, I had yet to go. But, for the very last day of 2017, I finally went to Good Measure for brunch and alas it is the Please The Palate pick of the week. Good Measure is a wine-inspired restaurant. Opened by Matthew Kaner, one of Food & Wine's Sommeliers of the Year 2013 and wine director of Bar Covell and Augustine, the 75-seat Good Measure has more than 1000 bottles of wine from around the world. And chef Mike Garber, who previously worked at the now-closed BLD and at Ammo, has created a menu to pair with the wines.