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Do you work in Beverly Hills? Are you a tourist in Beverly Hills? Well, if you are one of these, or just looking for a lunch spot for a power lunch in Beverly Hills, then head to Freds at Barney's New York. Fred's at Barney's New York Located on the top floor of Barneys New York, you can walk up the spiral staircase as you eye the fashion on each level, or you can hop up in the elevator. Enter the newly remodeled Freds, named after the grandson of the original owner Barney, also formerly the space of Barneys Greengrass.
When I went to lunch at Spago a few months ago, I saw that a new place was going in next door called Spaghettini. Silly me thought that meant that it was a "little Spago." But it's not. It's actually the second location for a successful restaurant and music venue, owned by Laurie Sisneros and Cary Hardwick, that has been in Seal Beach for 26 years. Spaghettini is a large rectangular space that is wide open. With white walls and dark wood and blue accents, it is rather simple in its décor, but also modernly elegant. Spaghettini Dining Room We started at the bar and ordered a couple drinks to start the evening. We ordered The Home Slice (apple ginger soda, Angel's Envy Bourbon, citrus) and The Duet (El Dorado 12 Year Rum, Rhum JM, honey, Italian sweet vermouth, Angostura, grapefruit peel). The Home Slice was refreshing with the sweetness of the bourbon on the finish. But, I would have liked a bit more acidity or bite on the front of the palate. The apple ginger soda seemed a bit muted. The Duet on the other hand was a well balanced cocktail. Perhaps not the first drink you want for the night on a chilly night, it was perfect. The cocktails range from $15-$18 and are a bit steep.
Living in Los Angeles, when you think of Austrian chefs, you probably think Wolfgang Puck. But there is a new Austrian chef to look out for! Chef Bernhard Mairinger is redefining what Austrian cuisine is by elevating classic dishes to a fine dining level at his restaurant BierBeisl. BierBeisl (Bier means “beer” and Beisl means “café”) is a modern, industrial space that offers minimal décor yet is warm and inviting. The open space is filled with tables and we sat at a long communal table where we could see the very tall 28 year old Chef Mairinger working.