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The Houston Brothers have done it again! Each bar they open is an experience, from the moment you walk in to the decor and the drinks. They never miss a beat and Good Times at Davey Wayne's is no exception. As a child of the 1970s, I remember fondly, albeit with a bit of shame, the shag carpets, the colors of green, orange, yellow and brown and the freedom of the decade. Good Times at Davey Wayne's took me back to my childhood, although now I can enjoy the drinks as well. And, it is a trip back to the Houston Brother's childhood as they pay homage to their father Davey Wayne with this bar.   How do you find the newest Hollywood bar? Look for the garage sale happening on the street. But, look closely and this is not your ordinary garage sale. Everything here is retro-fantastic.....record albums, candy, clothing, bangles and other chatskies....and actually for sale, if you want!
Although San Diego is most commonly known for its miles of beaches, beautiful properties and surf perfect waves, this sunny city has more to offer than just good weather. Being the second largest city in California, San Diego is a frequent tourist destination. With 70 miles of coastline and a range of activities, this city offers something for almost everyone. Whether you’re visiting for the day or making a weekend trip out of it, this relaxing So-Cal sensation is the perfect spot to cool down and enjoy a cocktail. With that being said, I’ve put together some of my favorite bar spots where you can try out a refreshing cocktail or sip on some wine. First Stop: Craft and Commerce