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A work trip took me back to Austin, Texas. I knew that there is an exciting food scene in Austin and I hoped to find some time to try a few new places. Time was limited as I only had two nights but we managed to find two cool spots that both happen to be located in historic landmarks. Freedmen's Bar 2402 San Gabriel St Austin, TX 78705 Freedmen's We arrived into Austin on a Sunday evening and I was with a group of Australians. So the top of the list was to eat Texas barbecue. Our options were limited based on the time and day but it was recommended that we head to Freedmen's Bar. Located near the University of Texas, Freedmen's is a popular spot among college students.
For all the travel I do and all the places I have been, I had never been to Austin, Texas. When work took me there for an event, I made sure to arrive early enough the day prior so that I could explore the city - through food and drink, of course. First Stop: Second Bar + Kitchen (200 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701) Second Bar & Kitchen Second Bar + Kitchen is Chef David Bull's casual, urban restaurant that sits next to his upscale restaurant Congress. I entered in the early evening and took a seat at the bar. I was tempted by the great wine list that offers 25 wines by the glass, but it was the artisan cocktails that grabbed my attention, especially the Gin + Jam. Made with Viennese Gin, the jam is made regularly with ingredients from the kitchen. I got the house-made mixed berry and fennel jam. The presentation is so simple - the jam is served on a spoon over the glass of gin. It's up to you if you want to stir it all in. The gin is still the dominant flavor of this drink but the jam added subtle flavor.