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When it comes to sushi, I am a purist. I was raised going to Nozawa, the "sushi nazi," where I was instructed when to use soy sauce and not offered "Americanized" rolls. It is always about the purity and freshness of the fish. That said, I am a fan of Asian fusion cuisine and I like other dishes beyond sushi. So, when I was invited to check out Slow Fish on Wilshire Blvd in the Miracle Mile, I went with an open mind. SlowFish SlowFish, with a second location in Huntington Beach, was founded by Korean entrepreneur John Lee and Executive Chef Sean An. Together, they focus on offering Asian fusion cuisine with a California twist. Chef Sean An The decor of SlowFish is not typical of an Asian restaurant. It has an art deco decor with high ceilings, dark red and black interior and chandeliers.