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This story originally appeared in ATOD Magazine. A Culinary Evening of Sheer Magic
Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Champagne Billecart-Salmon From the moment I pulled up to the doors of the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, I knew that a night of elegance and celebration was ahead. Guests had already started to gather and walk towards the opulent and spacious floor-level of Jean-Georges and one by one we were escorted to our tables. As we took our seats, we were about to embark on a magical meal in celebration of Champagne Billecart-Salmon’s 200th Anniversary. Champagne Billecart-Salmon is the oldest continuously family-owned and operated house in Champagne, France. Founded in 1818 by Nicolas François Billecart and his wife Elisabeth Salmon, Billecart-Salmon is currently managed by the family’s seventh generation, brothers François and Antoine Roland-Billecart.
To honor its 200th anniversary, Billecart-Salmon has embarked on a six-city gastronomic tour around the world. Hosting intimate luxurious dinners in Singapore, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and London, the celebration will conclude with an elegant garden party in June at the Billecart-Salmon family’s estate in Mareuil-sur-Ay. Billecart-Salmon partnered with three-star Michelin Chef Alain Passard of l’Arpege restaurant in Paris for the world tour. In addition, two-star Michelin Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten joined Passard for the New York and Los Angeles dinners, hosting them at his restaurants. I had the honor to be seated next to François Roland-Billecart, the current president of Billecart-Salmon, as well as his wife and daughter. M. Roland-Billecart, with his heavy French accent, welcomed everyone to the dinner, and expressed how at Billecart-Salmon, ‘we aim to produce better and better [wine] every year.’ Billecart-Salmon is known for finesse and elegance. The wines are not heavy or powerful. They are balanced wines that will give pleasure to all who drink them. Perhaps that it why Billecart-Salmon is somewhat of a cult darling among sommeliers.
Providence Restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Los Angeles that is a special dining experience. It is elegant from the decor to the service to the food With tasting menus starting at $150, it is a restaurant that is typically saved for special occasions and celebrations and for the average diner it is not a weekly destination. But, in honor of their 10th anniversary, for the month of June (and perhaps it will be extended thru July), Providence is offering a 4 course tasting menu for $80. The anniversary menu is a selection of 4 items from the 9-course Market Menu ($150). But, don't let 4 courses fool you as the meal starts with 3-4 amuse bouche. A fellow foodie friend and I rushed out to Providence on June 1st for the first night of this special anniversary menu. The first amuse is Cocktails in a Bubble, made with basil seeds, yuzu, elderflower and champagne. Refreshing and tart, you slide the "bubble" in your mouth and your palate is awakened. Cocktails in a bubble