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It was a classic LA day, not hot but not cool. I drove across the city to Silverlake to Tacos Delta, a family-owned taco stand that was opened in 1981. But on this particular night, the nondescript taco stand was converted into a vibrant, eye-catching space for a Tequila Don Julio dinner. Traveling across the country, Tequila Don Julio is bringing a taste of the colorful culture to the US as part of a series of events hosted by Tequila Don Julio and The Infatuation. The dinner was a celebration of Mexican culture as part of their new campaign, For Those Who Know. Bringing a taste of Mexico's colorful culture to the US, Tequila Don Julio selected Tacos Delta to celebrate the restaurant’s story and how it became a meeting point where ‘those who know’ have been coming for nearly three decades to enjoy authentic Mexican eats.
It’s Cinco de Mayo and therefore it’s Tequila time!. After all, here in the US, we always love a reason to go out and celebrate. But if you want to avoid the crowds and excessive revelry, it’s just as easy to stay home and celebrate with friends. That’s we what prefer. And what better way to enjoy tequila, other than neat, but in a Margarita. Now, when it comes to making your Margaritas at home, we are not suggesting that you run out and buy overly sweet mixers made with unnatural ingredients. All you need is three ingredients the famous Tommy’s Original Margarita, which originates from Tommy’s in San Francisco. The result will be a simple and refreshing drink to enjoy this Cinco de Mayo, or anytime!