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Gjelina and Gjusta are two of the most popular spots on Abbot Kinney and now Travis Lett has MTN, an izakaya restaurant, to add to his list of restaurants. Like its siblings, and the neighborhood surrounding it, MTN is super hipster and trendy. The interior is all-black with high communal tables with uncomfortable seating. The backless stools definitely do not encourage one to linger too long at the restaurant. There is a long bar/chef counter along one side of the room with seating, as well as a long counter along another wall with seating. While watching the staff work is enjoyable to me, staring at a black wall does not. Luckily, we got a seat along the street-facing window and could watch the people walk by. And, while the seating may not be that comfortable, the decor is very appealing. The ceramic dishes, custom-made for MTN, are exquisite and the presentation of each dish was enhanced by what it was served on.
There is no more waiting in anticipation! Salt & Straw came to Los Angeles and continues to expand across the area, bringing us creamy, artisanal ice cream with local flavors and ingredients!! Waiting for Salt & Straw to Open Salt & Straw is owned by cousins Tyler and Kim Malek. They started in Portland, Oregon five years ago with a push cart and today have three shops in Portland and three shops in Los Angeles - Larchmont, Abbott Kinney and Studio City and a fourth soon to open in the Arts District. Tyler Malek The ice cream at Salt & Straw is handmade in small batches using only all natural dairy. Whether in Portland or Los Angeles, they work with the best local, organic and sustainable ingredients the respective states have to offer. And, through the flavors, Salt & Straw uses ice cream as a platform to tell the stories of the city around them. Working with local chefs, growers and producers, each flavor has a story behind it.
When you think Venice Beach, you think of the sun, the beach, all-natural, healthy food, etc... But lately Abbot Kinney has been filling up with restaurants that are not afraid to fill you up and satisfy your palate. Willie Jane serves traditional southern cuisine like fried chicken and pork chops and Salt Air serves the butter poached lobster roll. Now Pork Belly's Sandwich Shop has joined them on this busy pedestrian filled street. Tucked in between vegan restaurants and juice bars, Pork Belly's Sandwiches serves tender smoked BBQ meat sandwiches. The 300-pound capacity smoker, which fills the entire space of the back room that it is housed in, works around the clock. Brisket, which takes 12 hours to smoke, will go in the previous night and other items, such as the ribs, spend the morning smoking and aren't available until after 1:30 pm. Competitive barbecue grillmaster Eric Solcon consulted on the recipes and the result is tender, slightly sweet meat that almost melts in the mouth.