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Please The Palate is about great food and drink. We are constantly on the go, looking for palate pleasing experiences. Of course, all of this eating out (and drinking) can take a toll on the body. Personally, I work out regularly and eat pretty simply when at home. But, sometimes, you need a little jump start. I love juice but am not a fan of juice cleanses. These fads are just that. Most of the juice cleanses out there are very low in calories and leave you hungry, grumpy and deprived. Sure, you may drop a few pounds but as soon as you start eating solid food, you gain them back. So, when we heard about Soupure, we were equally skeptical. Afterall, swapping juice for soup didn't seem all that different and a cleanse is a cleanse, right? Well, perhaps not. Soupure 3 Day Cleanse