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Providence Restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Los Angeles that is a special dining experience. It is elegant from the decor to the service to the food With tasting menus starting at $150, it is a restaurant that is typically saved for special occasions and celebrations and for the average diner it is not a weekly destination. But, in honor of their 10th anniversary, for the month of June (and perhaps it will be extended thru July), Providence is offering a 4 course tasting menu for $80. The anniversary menu is a selection of 4 items from the 9-course Market Menu ($150). But, don't let 4 courses fool you as the meal starts with 3-4 amuse bouche. A fellow foodie friend and I rushed out to Providence on June 1st for the first night of this special anniversary menu. The first amuse is Cocktails in a Bubble, made with basil seeds, yuzu, elderflower and champagne. Refreshing and tart, you slide the "bubble" in your mouth and your palate is awakened. Cocktails in a bubble