Blind Wine Tasting – A Pinot Noir Comparison

Blind Wine Tasting - A Pinot Noir Comparison


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Pinot Noir is loved for its red fruit, floral, and spice aromas, its high acidity, low tannins, and medium body. But Pinot Noir expresses itself differently depending on where it is grown. Pinot Noir can have notes of cherry, raspberry, allspice, and tea or it can have notes of mushroom, rose petals, and potting soil.

Can you denote where a Pinot Noir is from by smelling and tasting it?

Join WINECULT,  Please The Palate, and Wine Weirdos on a blind tasting journey! We will be diving into the world of Pinot Noir and experiencing Pinots from 4 different regions: Northern CA, Southern CA, Oregon, and France! We will be learning about these different regions and why Pinot takes on such unique flavors from each region. Then we will taste the blinded bottles and work through where we think each bottle comes from!

This tasting class is meant to be fun and educational. We will provide wine from the following 4 world renowned regions:

  • Southern CA – Sta. Rita Hills
  • Northern CA – Russian River Valley
  • Oregon – Willamette Valley
  • France – Burgundy

3 bottle bundle – $125 plus shipping/tax

4 bottle bundle – $155 plus shipping/tax

You can select the 3 or 4 bottle tasting package. The 3 bottle package includes the domestic wines (Northern CA, Southern CA, and Oregon) and the 4 bottle package includes all 4 wines! We will be tasting all 4 wines in the class.


Last Day to order: June 15th

Shipping Date: June 21st

*Important shipping info* – due to the warmer summer temperatures we will be requiring 3 day shipping on all orders outside of CA, WA and OR. This shorter time in transit decreases the chance of your wine overheating. If you live within CA, WA, or OR you can select ground shipping. We will be providing ice packs in ALL shipments to decrease the chance of your wine overheating in transit.