OUTCOME:  Please The Palate is the Southern California brand ambassador for Destiny Bay Wines, introducing the wines to buyers and consumers.

Please The Palate made Destiny Bay’s first Southern California placement at Providence Restaurant, Los Angeles.

Destiny Bay Vineyards specializes in estate grown and bottled blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Destiny Bay produces fewer than 2,500 cases per year of their three distinct blends: Magna Praemia, Mystae and Destinae. Destiny Bay is Waiheke Island’s first fully certified Sustainable Winery & Vineyard (SWNZ).

This past year, top experts, including Anthony Dias Blue, Bob Campbell and Neal Martin on Robert Parker, Jr.’s team, have rated multiple vintages of these wines in the 90’s with a recent high rating of 98 points for the ’07 Magna Praemia by Mr. Blue. And recently, Charles Metcalffe and Oz Clarke visited the winery! As Oz Clark commented, “It was a delightful visit and I very much enjoyed meeting the team and tasting the Destiny Bay wines. These are elegant, well-made wines with balanced acidity and tannins. Destiny Bay wines resemble the traditional old world style rather than some of the newer styles being produced today.”

For more information about the wines, or to set up a tasting, contact info@pleasethepalate.com