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I have been traveling to Napa Valley a lot recently. And, each time, I find myself hanging out in downtown Napa. With so many incredible restaurants, wine bars and new hotels, downtown Napa is thriving and quite a destination. I shared some of my tips on where to eat, drink and sleep in downtown Napa in California Winery Advisory and you can also read it here.

Exploring Downtown Napa – Where to Eat, Drink and Sleep

Napa Valley is 30 miles long and 5 miles wide. For decades, downtown Napa, Napa Valley’s largest city, and the county seat, was bypassed for more upscale experiences in Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga. But, over the last decade, the city of Napa has undergone a revitalization that has made it a destination of its own. There are hotels, restaurants and tasting rooms that line the streets that make downtown Napa an exciting place to visit and explore. In the heart of downtown Napa is First Street Napa, a 325,000 square-foot development that covers three square blocks. It is home to retail stores, restaurants, and offices, as well as the 183-room boutique Archer Hotel Napa. At five stories, with an additional sixth-floor rooftop bar and pool, the Archer Hotel is the tallest building in Napa.
The perfect way to end summer is with bare feet in the sand, eating tasty food, drinking good wine and all for a good cause. That is what An Evening on the Beach is and that is why it is the Please The Palate pick of the week. I look forward to An Evening on the Beach every year. I put the date on my calendar and wait in anticipation. This year, I had a last minute trip up to Mendocino for an event that was set to end at 4pm. I booked the 5:20pm flight out of Santa Rosa and left the event a little early to make my flight. I landed at 6:50pm, hopped in my car and headed straight to the Jonathan Club in Santa Monica. I arrived at 8:00pm, two hours after the event started but nothing would stop me from attending.
Fresh fish imported from Japan, a Master Sushi Chef and a sophisticated yet approachable wine program mixed with modern decor and a friendly ambiance make the new Sherman Oaks sushi bar Sushi Note hit all the notes. Sushi Note is a cozy 30-seat sushi restaurant located on Ventura Blvd, near Sunnyslope. It is across the street from Augustine Wine Bar and is owned by Augustine (and Mirabelle wine bar) co-owner Dave Gibbs, as well as Silvia Gallo. There is a seven-seat bar sushi bar and at the helm is Chef Kiminobu Saito. A small and quiet but personable man, Saito built a following at his former 4 on 6 sushi bar in Encino. In addition to the sushi bar, where an omakase menu is available, there are standalone tables and booths as well as a back bar with five seats, called the Wine Bar.