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When you think of some of your fondest childhood memories, I've come to find that many surface from events that took place in the home, and more specifically, in the kitchen. It is no surprise why this is so; the kitchen is a common gathering place for families, events, story-telling, holiday baking and tradition making. Aside from being a place to gather, it is a place of nourishment, not just for our appetites, but also for our souls. Looking back over the years where the art of culinary has changed, there is one thing that remains the same, we all continue to gather, create and nourish ourselves within the kitchen. And that is the preciousness of memories, being able to relate to those you have not yet had and anticipating the future of those to come. Photo Oct 06, 11 32 54 AM
The Houston Brothers (Mark and Jonnie) did it again with their grand opening of Hollywood's newest venue, Dirty Laundry. With a successful track record of nightlife venues such as No Vacancy, The Piano Bar, Harvard and Stone, and La Descarga (just to name a few), it's no wonder why their latest venture started off with quite a bang.