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Remember the song you sang as a child, "Peanut, peanut butter and jelly. Peanut, peanut butter and jelly. First you take the peanuts and you crush them, you crush them..... then you take the jelly and you spread it, you spread it..... peanut, peanut butter and jelly." Spread PB As this song continues in your mind, you might be thinking about your favorite childhood food. Who doesn't love peanut butter (except those with allergies, sorry!)?  Did you know that the creamy, nutty spread that we loved with apples, bananas, celery, jelly and more is the #2 food in America (bacon is #1)? Spread PB Take a trip back to childhood at the new Spread PB Bar in Studio City. Elementary school friends Katie Kerr and Dustin Albert met over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the obsession  flouished. Katie has been a member of the Peanut  Butter of the Month Club for three years. Now Katie and Dustin are sharing their love with the rest of us.